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April 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

In today’s tutorial with Jonathan, I told him the ideas and tests I worked in this month. After a not very clear explain, he was disappointed of what I have done this month. He said I did too less physical works, these ideas I came up with are only theory. He made me understand that no matter how good my idea is, if I can not make it come true it means nothing, and it can be very different between the sketches on paper and physical work. He did not give me any opinion about my ideas, I think it’s because they are not clear enough, but I have tentatively chosen the “transparent projection” one as my final idea, so next step I am going to do more tests to prove this idea have possibility to come true. He also mentioned my non-updated blog, remind me how important is this blog. I know keep recording my work progress is important, so I will keep updating my progress to let him see it so that he can give me more advices. Actually I have that habit of recording my thinking, ideas and inspiration, but I didn’t spend time to translate them, I’m so lazy…I feel ashamed. So since today I will correct myself, write blog once I have anything new.

After this tutorial I was thinking about why for me it is so hard to start some ideas that I am not sure if it worth or not. I always think a lot and before I make them I judge them. If this idea does not worth to do some physical test then I will think about other ideas until I come up with an idea which I think worth to work on. Rethink my process of making a piece of work, it is almost like this: observed some phenomena that interested me — I have something to discuss or express by my work — I think about what method or form will I use to express my thinking — think lots of ideas until I find the best one — work on this idea, if I have problem then solve it until finish. But in this year, the way I make work has been changed, Jonathan encourages us learn from test and physical works. I feel that I am like a person who can’t swim always trying to find a cork hoop then go to swim. Because I’m afraid of drowned as I am afraid of waste time to do something not worth. But this time I have to learn swimming without a cork hoop and then know how to swim through struggling in the water. I think this is the different education method between here and my country. So this time, be ready to risk everything!


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