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November 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Read through the Research Paper Brief, understand the requirements and structure of research paper, see the examples gave in Research Paper Brief, read about George Maciunas’s Wikipedia,and the general definition of Fluxus. Then I read about Jean Dubuffet’s Wikipedia, see the words below that I think helpful to me:
He had doubted art before, and then he leave from art, this man was like me, sometime do not believe in art sometime, but after that he came back again leave off and on.
He recognized meaningful art which expressed directly and purely the depth of a person.

After a hard process of choosing, think about what do I really concentrate on and also relate to my final project. I have some ideas about my Research Paper, I think it will about the space which are been applied into some plat art forms, such as painting, graphic design. Those art forms usually presented on a surface.


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