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Today I was thinking about how this room should look like:


If it is a semicircle, one projector should be enough to cover it. Also the triangle. But I still think a cuboid could make the audience feel more tridimensional. The highlight of this idea is through projection and video to provide audiences a kind of illusion. It seems they come into a transparent space. Without barriers.

But the difficult thing is that because of it is in a room, so the projectors will be hard to control and cover the whole room, so temporary I won’t make a big one, I will start from a small space.

Then I also came up with another idea:


this idea is about a space that looks like nothing inside except lots of pattern, but when the audiences get closer they will find there are some furniture hide in the pattern of this room. Then when they sit on the chair in this room, they look like sit on nothing. But I feel that this idea does not use any digital technique, so I just leave it.

I wrote down the key words of the material or technique I want to use in my project, they are: glass, mirror, projection, pepper ghost, illusion.

Suddenly, I an idea raise in my head, draw a contradictory space, project some audiences onto the space, when they are walking they will find that they could walk in both space.

I felt that no matter how much idea I thought, I still could not find something new. The contents are always similar. I listed what is the different when I remove different kinds of “barriers” or “carriers”.

After that, I keep thinking my last idea. I was wondering is there a way that can makes the audience have same feeling but reduce the size of this space, so I came up with this idea:


why not just make a cube and the audience can stand below the cube, look through the cube.

Then I started think about how to arrange those images:



And I searched many materials that I am going to project tomorrow. It was not easy to find those images I want,  but just for test is okay.. and tomorrow I will start to project those images.


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