Notes of New Media Art(2)

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Continue the previous notes:



Key words:

self-referential, epoch-making, transformation, the art system, scientific, industrial, activism, non-linearity, randomness.

Key points:

Art allowing for people to build their own experiences with a piece of art work.

Participactory aspect of new media art, for some artists has become integral, emerged from Allan Kaprow’s <Happenings>.

One of the key themes in new media art is to create visual views of databases.

But I feel I got some problem that I don’t know what is the next step I should do, obviously, I can not read all the books related to New Media Art, so I can’t find a breakthrough point. I guess maybe start from using Processing.


Notes of New Media Art(1)

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Read about what is new media art, here is some notes I took from wikipedia:



Unfinished yet.

After read this, I understand the definition and history of New Media Art, it includes many different art forms. It is very different from old visual arts. The biggest feature of New Media Art is it involves interaction between artist and observer, or between observers and artwork, the observers are not passive but be a part of an artwork. Also, New Media Art serve as a common ground that has parallers in other strands of contemporary art practice.

Some learning and thinking about new media art

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This morning we had tutorial, as I have already looked back to those history of animation, this week I’m going to research the history of New Media Art, chose some art forms which might helpful to my animation then learn these techniques do some test.

I had a general learning about new media art:

屏幕快照 2014-03-03 上午12.07.50

in this learning, the key points are:

1.Nevertheless new media art does not appear as a set of homogeneous practices, but as a complex field converging around three main elements: 1) the art system, 2) scientific and industrial research, and 3) political-cultural media activism.

2.Non-linearity can be seen as an important topic to new media art by artists like Bill Viola who explores the term as an approach to looking at varying forms of digital projects. This is a key concept since people acquired the notion that they were conditioned to view everything in a linear and clear-cut fashion. Now, art is stepping out of that form and allowing for people to build their own experiences with the piece.
3.One of the key themes in new media art is to create visual views of databases.
The director of UK Contemporary Art Research Center New Media Department Benjamin Weil suggested that “First of all, the art work should come up with the concept of artist, then technique find the most ingenious and clever way to solve problems, work out it. Art works relate to artist’s way of thinking. The creative works propelled by concept are artistry. But those works only worked out by techniques can not be called artistic creation.” Through this we can know the relationship between artistic creation and technology.

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