2014/05/26 Processing Learning

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After learning Arduino, I started another course for Processing on Lynda.com, it is called <Interactive Data Visualization with Processing with Barton Poulson>. Here are some notes I took and some practices I did:





屏幕快照 2014-06-03 上午1.19.51

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 上午3.07.36

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 上午3.12.42

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 上午3.18.49

屏幕快照 2014-06-03 上午1.22.19

屏幕快照 2014-06-03 上午1.22.34

屏幕快照 2014-06-03 上午1.22.48

屏幕快照 2014-06-03 上午1.23.21

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 下午12.31.21

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 下午12.39.08

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 下午12.46.27

屏幕快照 2014-06-02 下午12.56.44

Through today’s learning, I know the background of Processing comes from. And the history of data visualization and the concept of it. Before this course, I only know the code can control the figure but I don’t know how. After that I know different commands and how it comes, though these practices are just drawing some shapes, but it makes me have a clearer and more completed understanding of Processing, since this course is a little bit long and I also need time to learn and understand it so I can not finish it in one day so I will continue in the following days and also start to do some tests.



Interactive code workshop

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Today we learned how to connect Arduino to Processing and make physical equipments work with Processing.

Learn to light a bulb:

IMG_8284 IMG_8285 IMG_8286

the green bulb will interact with this sensor.

Interaction Code Workshop with Ed.

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Today in the interaction code workshop with Ed. we learned how to connect a sensor to Arduino, and then make Processing can “talk” to Arduino.


through that I am thinking about maybe I can install a sensor beside the walls of a glass room. People in this glass room can not see the people outside until they get close enough. I was thinking about use a projection to project on the glass wall, but how could I project on a glass? I thinked about to project on a ground glass but how could that be transparent when the audience get closer enough…?

Ed also talked about Pure Data, he showed us some examples of interaction sound made by pure data, so I was thinking maybe I can also use the sensor to control the sound of the sound device around the glass room. Just like someone stay in a room do some daily life things but they can hear different kinds of sound.

I will learn more about these open source software, to do some experiment with this equipments. So the first thing is to read more tutorial about those software, know how they works.

Processing learning progress(2)

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Today I continue learning processing:




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