2014/05/13 Test

May 13, 2014 § 2 Comments

Today I kept working on my latest idea, I hang on the model on the ceiling to feel it and project it:


tested which position can I map it:

After test I still feel worried about if the projector could cover a whole room. I also discussed with Yutong and Silvia, asked about what they think of my latest idea, they said that the first sight of my work looks like Gigi’s work in our interim show. But after I explain that my content will be different from Gigi’s and my will be a small room, they understood. Talk about the idea of my work, they said it is a little bit straight forward to express my idea. And then I said what if I cover some paper on the wall and let the audiences to tear it and explore what’s behind the paper. We discussed a lot. They said it is not continuable and maybe some audience would not notice that or don’t want to tear the paper. So I give up this idea and keep thinking how can I improve it. Then I developed my idea into this:


I was just thinking and keep fiddling with my projector, and then I saw this looks interesting, it seems a hole in my ceiling. So I came up with an idea, how about only project in the corner of a room?

Then I draw my idea:


almost like this, and the perspective will according to the sketch above.

Then I did some test:













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