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Here are what I was working in last four weeks:

1. To analysis the camera moving of an short animation film <Gopher Broke>:

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午5.19.41

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午5.19.57

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午5.20.12

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午5.20.48

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午5.21.03

屏幕快照 2015-02-08 下午5.21.16

2. Hard surface Model

This is a practice of modelling in Maya, by mixing more than 3 household appliances.

Progress of my model:







屏幕快照 2015-02-15 下午4.55.54

屏幕快照 2015-02-15 下午4.54.13

屏幕快照 2015-02-15 下午4.54.54

3. Vray Render learning:

4. Using After Effects to make storyboard:

5. Render a ball with 3point light:

3PointBall copy

6. Making an animation of bouncing balls:

In the last four weeks, from almost know nothing about Maya to get used to it, I felt that I’m more interested in it than before. It’s not so scared. And I feel that learning a new tool could inspire me a lot of new ideas that I’ve never thought about before. I will keep working on it and also trying to connect with my previous project.



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This is an animation called <Tango>:


In this animation, different people did different thing and in different status but happened in the same time and some space. I think it a little bit relates to my theme, but it talks more about the incredible actions happen in same time.

Some learning and thinking about new media art

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This morning we had tutorial, as I have already looked back to those history of animation, this week I’m going to research the history of New Media Art, chose some art forms which might helpful to my animation then learn these techniques do some test.

I had a general learning about new media art:

屏幕快照 2014-03-03 上午12.07.50

in this learning, the key points are:

1.Nevertheless new media art does not appear as a set of homogeneous practices, but as a complex field converging around three main elements: 1) the art system, 2) scientific and industrial research, and 3) political-cultural media activism.

2.Non-linearity can be seen as an important topic to new media art by artists like Bill Viola who explores the term as an approach to looking at varying forms of digital projects. This is a key concept since people acquired the notion that they were conditioned to view everything in a linear and clear-cut fashion. Now, art is stepping out of that form and allowing for people to build their own experiences with the piece.
3.One of the key themes in new media art is to create visual views of databases.
The director of UK Contemporary Art Research Center New Media Department Benjamin Weil suggested that “First of all, the art work should come up with the concept of artist, then technique find the most ingenious and clever way to solve problems, work out it. Art works relate to artist’s way of thinking. The creative works propelled by concept are artistry. But those works only worked out by techniques can not be called artistic creation.” Through this we can know the relationship between artistic creation and technology.

Animation History(1)

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Talk about Animation, I have to learn the history of it.

So I start from the first animated film:

“Humorous Phases of Funny Faces is a silent cartoon by J. Stuart Blackton released in 1906. It features a cartoonist drawing faces on a chalkboard, and the faces coming to life. It is generally regarded by film historians as the first animated film. It features movements as where a dog jumps through a hoop, a scene which actually uses cutout animation made to look like chalk outlines. The film moves at 20 frames per second.” (wrote below this film)

I found a website called EarlyCinema

I read the timeline to know how cinema developed.

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